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Posted in Sweatshirt Blankets by Brian Bluff on October 8, 2009

Next time consider logo-ed Sweatshirt Blankets.

Has this ever happened?

You collect a pile of promotional gifts (giveaways) at a trade show and, a month later all of the pens are broken and the cool tee shirt shrunk the first time you washed it.  You end up throwing away all the pens and give the tee shirt to your infant son. Bummer!

Logoed Sweatshirt Blankets are so much better than other logoed promotional gifts.

Logoed Sweatshirt Blankets are so much better than other logoed promotional gifts.

Every marketing person knows that the logo-ed promotional gifts you buy are reflection of our company. More accurately, they are a reflection of the quality of your products or services. If you want to create a lasting impression, give a gift that lasts! Shirts, jackets and other logo-ed clothing are more often than not the wrong size, color, or style. And, not everyone wears a ball cap. So what do you do?

Logoed Sweatshirt blankets are the perfect logoed promotional gift! Their one size fits all size eliminates the “not my size” disappointment and reduces the amount of inventory you need. Plus Logoed Sweatshirt Blankets actually get used!

I’ll never forget the first time our company purchased logoed promotional gifts. We only had about eighteen employees and we had asked everyone for their size and color preferences. We then designed a tee shirt incorporating everyone’s input. We had an upcoming trade show and wanted to present a unified look. After about two months of going back and forth, we placed our first order and bought 50 tee-shirts. What could go wrong right? If we had only purchased Logoed Sweatshirt Blankets.

When they arrived, we found out that the larges were small, and the smalls were tiny. Instead of looking great at the trade show, most of our employees either refused to wear the shirt or looked ridiculous. It was a good idea gone wrong.

Shortly after the show we met Aridondack Fleece and purchased Logoed Sweatshirt Blankets embroidered with our logo, and we bought our wholesale Sweatshirt Blankets at dramatically reduced prices. We ended up buying the forest green Sweatshirt Blankets and loved them.


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